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In Sickness and In Health:
A Journalized Account of Coping
with Multiple Myeloma

"In Sickness and In Health - A Journalized Account of Coping with Multiple Myeloma" lets you walk in the shoes of a young woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow/plasma cells.  This book shows how her faith was tested time and time again; not only in dealing with the cancer, but with many other life-changing situations that seemingly occurred all at the same time.

"In Sickness and In Health" is  both instructional and inspirational.  It clearly describes Demetria's experience as a cancer patient.  The author's testimony also reveals how faith in God and an optimistic attitude, can give one the strength to endure and overcome any obstacle in life.  People struggling with this disease, or who are simply going through a difficult life crisis, will find comfort and wisdom in the pages of this thoughtful book.  You will see, as she had to learn, that you must trust God in sickness and in health.

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